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Blogs of interest to new students


Class Etiquette

What is the Buddha?

Why do we Meditate?

In Buddhism What is the "Unborn"?

Why "THE buddha"?

Meditations for Tantrums Triggered by Shattered Expectations - text and video

Latest Version of the Sutric Advanced Sadhana

Latest Version of the Tantric Advanced Sadhana

Latest Commentary to the Anapanasati Sutta

Tantra's Treasure of Rakta Tare

Tao Te Ching - vol 1 of 14 (ch 1-6)

Tao Te Ching - vol 2 of 14 (ch 7-12)

Tao Te Ching - vol 3 of 14 (ch 13-18)

Tao Te Ching - vol 4 of 14 (ch 19-24)

Tao Te Ching - vol 5 of 14 (ch 25-30)

Tao Te Ching - vol 6 of 14 (ch 31-36)

Tao Te Ching - vol 7 of 14 (ch 37-42)

Tao Te Ching - vol 8 of 14 (ch 43-48)

Tao Te Ching - vol 9 of 14 (ch 49-54)

Tao Te Ching - vol 10 of 14 (ch 55-60)

Tao Te Ching - vol 11 of 14 (ch 61-66)

Tao Te Ching - vol 12 of 14 (ch 67-72)

Tao Te Ching - vol 13 of 14 (ch 73-78)

Tao Te Ching - vol 14 of 14 (ch 79-81)

Sutra LESSON: texts, videos, and recommended reading

1st Lesson: Cultivating Love - Contemplation and Meditation text, video, and "Homework"

2nd Lesson: Contemplating Love for INSOMNIA text, video, & "Benefits of Loving-kindness"  

3rd Lesson: Concise Love - Contemplation & Meditation text, video, &"Anapanasati Sutta"

4th Lesson: Ancient Practice of Mindfulness WITH breathing text, video, & "Class Etiquette"  

5th Lesson: Scarcity, compassion & wisdom text, video, and "What was the Buddha?"

6th Lesson: Abundance, love, & letting-go text, video, and "Why Meditate?"

7th Lesson: Minimalism, letting-go, & love text, video, and "Realizing the 'Unborn'?"

8th Lesson: Making Peace with our Body text, video , & "Why use the article 'THE Buddha'?"

9th Lesson: Making Peace with our Relationships text, video, &"Fall of Emperor Palpatine"

10th Lesson: Making Peace with our Selves text, video, and "Playing Victim"

"If we are short of temper..."

"When Religion Opposes Science"

"Fear in the Time of Covid19"

"Master Windu's Glare"

"Count Dooku's Taunts"

"Making Wise Decisions"

Tantra LESSON: texts, videos, and recommended reading

11th Lesson: Naropa's Central Channel, Empty Body, and Clear Light Yogas text, video & Tantra's Treasure passages 1-6

12th Lesson: Naropa's Death, Bardo, and Sexual Yogas text, video & Tantra's Treasure passages 7-12

19th Lesson: text, video & Tantra's Treasure 13-16

20th Lesson: Naropa's FOURTH yoga of Rebirth  text, video, & Tantra's Treasure 17-24

21st Lesson: Naropa's FIFTH yoga of Three Bringings text, video & Tantra's Treasure 25-30

22nd Lesson: Naropa's SIXTH yoga of Tantric Sex text, video & Tantra's Treasure 31-36

23rd Lesson: Patrul's FIRST yoga of Aggregates text, video, & Tantra's Treasure 37-42

24th Lesson: Patrul's SECOND yoga of Poisons text, video, & Tantra's Treasure 43-48

25th Lesson: Patrul's THIRD yoga of Perception text, video, & Tantra's Treasure 49-54

26th Lesson: Patrul's FOURTH yoga of Cognition text, video & Tantra's Treasure 55-60

27th Lesson: Jigme's FIRST yoga of Mantra Bases text, video & Tantra's Treasure 61-66

28th Lesson: Jigme's SECOND yoga of Mantra Dualities text, video T.'s Treasure 67-72

29th Lesson: Jigme's THIRD yoga of Silent Bases text, video & Tantra's Treasure 73-78

30th Lesson: Jigme's FOUTH yoga of Silent Dualities text, video, & T.'s Treasure 79-82


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