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Why do we Meditate?

In the great, big,

interdependent universe

in which we dwell

so many things

cause us

real stress.

Things that we have

very little,

if any,

control over…

There is one thing

we do have

control over…

for whatever stress befalls us

we have the ability

to make it much worse!


How do we do that?

By resisting.

We resist the absence

of things we desire

by pulling, and longing,

and reaching, and conniving.

We resist the potential loss

of things we already possess

by clutching, and grabbing, and protecting,

and fretting, and worrying.

Like Gollum

over his

precious” ring.

We resist the presence

of the things that we do not like

by shoving, and hating,

and striving, and contriving.

Our bodies’ Tyranny

of pushing and pulling,

of hating and craving,

make things worse.

Our mind joins in the game

and clings to the emotions,

and intentions, and calculations,

and memories, and fantasies…

that support these pushings

and these pullings.

We are NOT limited

to only two choices.

We are NOT limited

to being oblivious

to our cravings

or to being their slave.

We could train ourselves

to notice what is going on

circumstantially, and physically,

and socially, and mentally.

We could notice

all these things passively

and then actively

let go.

When we so master

contemplation, and compassion,

and meditation…

that we practice them

spontaneously, and habitually,

and easily, and effectively…

then we can walk through life

in the state

of centered spontaneity.

Then we could be like Qui Gon Jinn,

who, in the Phantom Menace…

cared only to know

the will of the force

and to follow it…

who was so serene

that he was able to meditate

in the midst

of his final duel.

That is why we train

to meditate like a Jedi!

Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

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