All living beings could be set

in one of two categories:

those who are fully enlightened Buddhas

and those who are yet to be enlightened.


The Sanskrit term for the category

of the yet to be enlightened is  Sam-sa-ra,


and the term for the category

of the fully enlightened is  Nir-va-na, 

just like the grunge band.


Sam-sa-ra’s  defining quality is the habit

of reaching for pleasure

and resisting pain,

like the restless machinations of Palpatine.


Nir-va-na’s  defining quality is the habit

of viscerally accepting all that befalls us

and the centered-spontaneity

with which we act for the benefit of all,


the way Qui Gon Jinn

flowed with the force. 

"I want to

be a Jedi like

my father"

- Luke Skywalker

All the poignant and transformative

techniques of Buddhist tantra

are neither mysterious nor supernatural

nor special – only for the chosen few.


They could be LEARNED

in as little as a season or so


provided you persist

in practicing what you have been taught

training every morning

and every evening as well.


And these techniques

could then be mastered


in as little as seven years, or seven quarters,

or seven months, of seven fortnights, or seven

weeks, or even seven days.


"It's A Trap!"

- Admiral Ackbar

Darth Bane’s rule of two

taught there must be a sith lord

to have great power


and a sith apprentice

to crave such power.

Such is the elitism, greed and striving

of the dark side, of patriarchy, of yang.


But Buddha taught from the light side,

from matriarchy, from yin, from egalitarianism.

Anyone who finds a good teacher

attends class punctually

and does their homework enthusiastically

could master Buddha’s path


with such swiftness

as to outpace a Tauntaun

and make it look

as if it was standing still. 


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