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Do not loose heart

for although

it could take me more than an hour

to explain the contemplative techniques

comprising the your first homework assignment

it will take you less than ten minuets,

probably closer to five,

to complete it.

And now it is time

for some good news

and some bad news…

like a Maverick in “Top Gun

accelerating to mach two with his hair on fire

in the first and second lessons

you’ll learn the rudiments of:

contemplative notation,

awareness and acquiescence,

the two truths,

the ultimate nature of reality,

watching the play of mind,

and relaxing into its non-graspable nature

as well as spiritual similes

both insightful and loving…

by necessity

you’ll find the first and second lessons

to be the most

intellectually challenging

in our series of sixteen webinars

and although I’ll teach

until I’m blue in the face

(and after seventy-five minutes

I probably will be)

it will NOT make complete sense

during class.

BUT, if you perform

your five minuet homework assignment

every morning and every evening

for the next six and one half days,

for each class counts

as one of our twice-a-day practices,

the teachings could seem much more clear,

and after sixteen weeks,

the length of this course,

you’ll wonder how anyone

had ever found meditation

to be remotely challenging.

It is not the actual course work

that most people find difficult

but rather the scheduling

that they find challenging.

But Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche,

one the tutors

of the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet,

taught that if we cherish the desire to meditate

the obstacles in our life could shift

creating the time to practice.

And practice we must,

as the intellectual, and emotional,

and physical, and circumstantial benefits

to be had by this course

are not completely free

for although a post-class donation is OPTIONAL

you MUST pay the price

of doing your homework,

every day, twice a day.

Because doing so

is the key

that unlocks the door

to the much larger world

that Obi Wan Kenobi

spoke of to Luke

upon the Millennium Falcon

on their journey to Alderaan.

Thus we practice

the Buddha’s contemplation and compassion

that we, like Luke Skywalker

might meditate like a Jedi.

Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

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