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Class Etiquette

All I intend to communicate

in this open letter

pertains to courtesy

and sanity.

If you desire to participate

in these webinars

donations, while helpful,

are utterly optional.

However, if you do wish to participate

three things are mandatory:

FIRST – attendance:

You are NOT Jeff Spicoli,

this is NOT Ridgemont High,

and it is NOT respectful

to slide in, under the wire,

as the school bell rings,

no less show up five minuets late.

If you wish to attend these webinars

log in ten minutes prior

to the scheduled beginning of class.

And when you know

you will not be attending

have the courtesy

to concisely message the teacher

either through Facebook

or the Meditate Like a Jedi dot Org website.

This is all common courtesy

and no adult

should ever have to be told this.

SECOND – Participation:

you must be courteous

to the other students.

No one is attending

so they can hear

your spiritual resume,

your theories,

your opinions,

or your anecdotes.

You will participate

by asking questions,

when questions are invited,

NOT by interrupting the teacher,

and you will participate

in pop quizzes,

when called upon by the teacher,

and NOT

by giving your spiritual resume,

going into story,

or sharing anecdotes.

THIRD – homework:

You will do your homework

enthusiastically, consistently,

and twice daily.

If you strive and fail

that is merely part

of the learning curve.

If, however, you simply chose NOT to try

and decide that either

you have NO interest in doing so…

or that you know

far better than the teacher…

then that’s fine,

perhaps you do,

but then you do NOT belong here,

and should go

and find a teacher

that you deem worthy

of your respect.

Know this

that if you attend classes

without doing the homework

as your teacher assigned it

you will be undermining

the learning experience

for your fellow students.


this is as so-called

free country…

and you can hurt yourself

all you want

but you do not get

to harm your fellow students.

So participate

enthusiastically, and humbly

without ever going into story.

Or go,

find another teacher,

and another group,

or start your own

if you’re so intoxicated

with what you might think

is your very great learning.

If you wish to participate

in this webinar series

and you feel you can…

attend punctually,

participate courteously,

and do your homework


then you are welcome

to continue to attend.

If you feel requirements

of attendance, and participation,

and homework,

exceed your wishes

or ability

then you may go.

Stay or go,

the decision is yours

just stay out of story

and do NOT tell me why.

Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

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