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Trauma, Imagination, and Contemplation - 30jan23

Those of us who endured child abuse and the C-PTSD it generates know what it’s like to involuntarily relive the highlight reel of our narcissistic parent, their actions, and their words. As a species our brains have evolved to savor a conundrum, like a dog with a bone. It therefore comes as little surprise that during flashbacks we could involuntarily scour our imagination searching for things we could have said or done to mitigate our abusers actions, no less, tame their heart.

But that could be exhausting, so the next time a flashback rears its head practice brisk, walking meditation. Blending the contemplations of compassion with those of stress, impermanence, and no-self while breathing enthusiastically. True, this might not rewrite your past, but it could provide a constructive outlet of its passions, that you too could meditate like a Jedi.

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Let us conclude

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