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Survivor's Rage and Meditation 29mar23

In 1986’s “The Golden Child,” with a throw-away line, a supporting character lamented the death of justice; as has every survivor of medical malpractice, for whom fair play was denied. How could meditation meet such a grand canyon of unmet needs: financial and emotional?

Although the contemporary practice of Buddhist Tantra has little use for the five dhyana Buddhas of the Mahayana, I suspect you could benefit from the practice of the Jewel Born One.

As the archetype of the enlightened aspect of our earth-element his mantra could help us financially and vocationally. But what about our turbulent emotions of rage, terror, and despair? That is exactly why we blend mantra recitation with compassion and the three marks of reality (which sounds rather like a rock band).

FIRST – during your inhalation contemplate stress as you mentally recite the rhetorical question, “How could this feel stressful?” As you chant Om Rat-na Sam-bha-va Tram during the exhalation physically relax as best you can. Practice four rounds.

SECOND – in a similar manner train in compassion with the intention “ALL beings stress, may I soothe!”

THIRD – train in impermanence with the rhetorical question “How could this NEVER last?”

And FOURTH – train in letting-go with “How could this NOT be me?”

Then notice the play of mind and relax into its non-graspable nature with the silent recitation of the slogans “Notice this…” and “relaxing!” _/\_

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