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Peace's Easy Path

There are fear mongers: pessimistic and cruel and eager to warn you of “soul crushing difficulties” upon the Buddha’s path. Don’t believe them. The Buddha explained that one could master his path is less than seven years, and sometimes, in as little as seven days.

If you’re looking for a book the Dalai Lama raves about “The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones;” describing it as a “complete path” and like an “elixir for reviving the dead.”

Fifty percent of the eight-fold path pertains to loving-kindness. If others have frightened you off of mindfulness and meditation then loving mantra meditation is an easy place to begin. Let’s play with four exercises:

CIRCUMSTANTIALLY: as you inhale silently and mentally recite the intention, “May all circumstances be as fortunate as a buddha’s real or imagined paradise!” As you exhale relaxingly intone the six syllable mantra, “Om Ma-ni Pe-me Hoong.”

PHYSICALLY: as you inhale “May all bodies be as healthy as a real or imagined buddha’s!” and then intone the mantra.

INTERPERSONALLY: the intention could be “May all relationships be as peaceful as a buddha’s mantra!” followed again by the mantra.

MENTALLY: the intention could be “May all minds be as joyful as a buddha’s mind!” and, of course, relax into the recitation of “Om Ma-ni Pe-me Hoong.”

You could perform each exercise for four rounds. After completing all sixteen rounds you could rest the mind, silently and mentally reciting “Notice this…” as you breath in and silently and mentally reciting “releasing!” as you physically relax (as best you can) into the exhalation.

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