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Was Nietzsche Right? - 15oct21

Nietzsche was right,

there is a void,

a collection of ugliness, cruelty,

resentment, fear, and despair.

But what are we to do?

Shall we avert our gaze,

pretend everything is alright,

and undermine our mindfulness?

Shall we allow the contents of the void

to build to a critical mass

that crushes our love and peace?

Is toxic positivity the only alternative?

As Yoda said to Obi Wan Kenobi,

“There is another.”

As we breathe in

we can perceive all that life throws at us,

and as we breathe out

we could physically relax

and thus mentally release.

This is the union

of mindfulness and meditation.

Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

In the Tibetan tradition Lamas are supported

not by monasteries but by students

as such the production of these livestreams,

blogs, and class materials is supported

by the generosity of viewers, and listeners, and readers

just like you.

Join our nightly livestream.

Download FREE practice materials.

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