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Tricks to Time Meditation

Dear S., Thank you for asking how one should decide to stop one session.

FIRST establish a base line. For the next seven days start your smart phone's stop watch at the onset of your meditation session. Stop the stop watch app once you notice you've started wondering how long you should meditate.

SECOND cultivate comfort. At the onset of each meditation session (for the next seven consecutive days) start your smart phone's count down timer for the previous number of minuets you discovered in the first step.

THIRD incremental progression. Increase the number of minuets you meditate by five minutes. Play with that new duration, once every 12 hours, for no less then seven consecutive days. You might find yourself increasing the duration of your meditation by five minutes every week.

FOURTH always leave 'em wanting more. Pushing yourself to hard, will manifest an aversion to meditation, and nobody wants that. If you always end your meditation session wanting a little bit more then you will cultivate (what I like to call) divine impatience, ensuring a long and delightful contemplative journey.

If you have additional questions reach out to me over Reddit chat. Until then, may you and yours be happy and healthy, - L. Jigme

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