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Transcending Bummer Buddhism

How could we rescue the Buddha’s teachings from the rigid, fearful, controlling, elitist, and competitive who could make of it a downer?

Viewing the Buddha’s teachings through the lens that is flexible, loving, laid-back, egalitarian, and cooperative could feel joyfully liberating. Learning that there really are circumstantial, physical, social, and mental stressors is great news, reminding us that it’s not all in our head.

Learning how the shoving, reaching, clinging, and competitive drives of our reptilian brain undermine the peace, joy, love, and fulfillment promised by our mammalian brain infers that now we know what obstacles to avoid (which is amazing news).

Contemplating wisdom’s 16 rhetorical questions can (in a matter of minuets) alleviate the habit energies that could often suck the happiness out of life (like a vampire on a date). Blending our loving wishes with mantra recitation could fill us with great optimism and joy.

Experiencing how love could guide our choices, utterances, and actions upon the path of kindness could be both a relief and a delight. Using simple chants and exercises to access our enthusiastic potential could serve as a font of energy and happiness.

Replacing rigid concentration with mindfulness (passive, vulnerable, visceral, and random) could lead us to centered spontaneity’s creative freedom. Giving free rein to our parasympathetic nervous system’s physical relaxation and mental release could be like having a therapist (on tap) that is part Milton Ericson and part Robin Williams. Buddha has given us a joyful path of good fortune.

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