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Tinnitus, Resistance, and Meditation

Tinnitus sucks, but not in the fun, tingly way. And although it made Beethoven exceedingly cranky it was unable to extinguish the flame of his genius.

Striving to resist the symptoms of tinnitus could be as exhausting and unproductive as trying to resist the tide. The secret is strategic acquiescence.

Therapeutically allow tinnitus into your mindfulness by silently reciting “Hearing this…” during each inhalation. The key is not to actively concentrate but rather notice: vulnerably, passively, viscerally, and spontaneously.

You could meditatively transcend the tinnitus by mentally reciting “relaxing!” during each exhalation as you set space to release your resistance to its presence.

Oh what a delicious irony that an irritant could drive you to meditate like a Jedi.

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