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Tinnitus, Anxiety, and Walking Meditation - 2oct22

There are some cases of tinnitus attributed to anxiety. Is there a contemplative solution?

FIRST: do your due diligence, check to make sure that you are not in actual peril, that you’re getting enough sleep, sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and eat an exclusively whole-food vegan diet. If the symptoms of anxiety persist for more than three months please go to the PCRM website and use their FREE physician referral service to find a vegan psychiatrist to help you address ALL the causes of your anxiety.

SECOND: concentration will not help your anxiety, instead it could only make it worse. Whether you use the synonym focus or watch it is still rigid and unsustainable.

THIRD: do not confuse mindfulness with concentration, that is a misconception. For mindfulness is simply noticing: vulnerably, passively, viscerally, and spontaneously.

FOURTH: Although the breath is destructive (as a tool of concentration) is could be quite beneficial as a organic metronome. As you feel your body inhale your sympathetic nervous system spontaneously engages supporting your sensory acuity. That is the ideal time to silently and mentally recite “Notice this…”. During each exhalation your parasympathetic nervous system causes your body to relax and your mind to release: the essence of meditation and the ideal time to silently and mentally recite “…relaxing!”

FIFTH: every twelve hours go for a brisk walking meditation silently coordinating “Notice thisrelaxing!” with your breathing. Within twenty, forty, or sixty minuets you could feel much better. For although your stressors could still be present; you could have made peace with them.

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