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Three Meditation Manuals - 22feb23

The three most popular meditation manuals attributed to the Buddha are the:

1 A-na-pa-na-sa-ti,

2 Sa-ti-pat-tha-na, and

3 Ma-ha-sa-ti-pat-tha-na Sut-tas.

If you’re going to google them, you’ll want to drop the hyphens for they were added as an aid to pronunciation for us westerners. There are several things to be born in mind if one wishes to profit from their reading:

1 It is a mistake to confuse a figurative statement for a literal one,

2 it is less a list of specifics than a list of principals to be applied,

3 the four bases of mindfulness (body, feelings, mind, and phenomena) are a common denominator,

4 as are the seven enlightenment factors (mindfulness, investigation, energy, joy, coalescence, tranquility, and balance),

5 give yourself permission to have a learning curve,

6 reconcile yourself to the fact their deeper meanings are not revealed in merely one or two readings. Rather, make of these three manuals, your friends, that you read several times annually,

7 recite them aloud, chanting them is even better (emphasizing the first and second to last syllables of each set of two lines,

8 transcribing them while reciting them is a great way to set space for whole-brain learning, and lastly

9 become familiar with these root texts BEFORE consulting commentaries (of which there are many) for the test of an interpretation is neither its age nor popularity but rather how effectively it assists your contemplations and meditations and how well they fill your body and mind with peace, wisdom, love, and joy. _/\_

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Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

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as such the production of these livestreams,

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