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Those who would tell us what to think

Beware of those who would tell us what to think; who would tell us what to feel, intend, think, recall, and imagine. What will they try next… telling us what to feel, smell, taste, hear and see?

It has been said that misery loves company. And those who are rigid, fearful, controlling, elitist, and competitive are determined to reshape you in their image. These are the manipulative ones who long to tell you what you’re doing wrong, why you’re a bad Buddhist, or Catholic, or Nerd; and how you’ll take an inauspicious rebirth.

Ironically the goal of “being a good anything” will increase your neurosis. A better goal could simply be to master the Eight-fold path. Use rhetorical questions to contemplate the wisdom of letting go, enthusiastically blend mantras with your loving wishes, courageously practice vulnerable mindfulness, play with the relaxation of your body, as well as release of your mind and in little time you find that kind utterances, kind deeds, and kind commerce flow through you in a manner that follows the Buddha’s example of being spontaneous and uncontrived, like water running down-hill.

Make of this a twice daily habit and in a relatively short time your practice of being: flexible, loving, laid-back, egalitarian, and cooperative could be spontaneous, habitual, easy and effective. Once this happens do try to not be too terribly surprised when you’re referred to as liberated, enlightened, or realized; regardless of the ravings of fools.

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