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Rumination, Contemplation, and Mantra - 14feb23

Rumination is exhausting with its endless examination and reexamination of a problem! Let’s sustainably harness its energy.

During your inhalation mentally recite the FIRST rhetorical question “How could this feel stressful?” Physically relax as you intone “Om Ben-za Sat-to Hoong” as many times as is comfortable during a single exhalation. Then practice four rounds.

Train in compassion with the slogan, “All beings’ stress, may I soothe!” The SECOND rhetorical question “How could this never last?” and the THIRD “How could this NOT be me?” strengthen our practice of letting-go.

Practice each exercise in the manner of the first, in coordination with inhalation, mantra, and relaxation. After the fourth exercise rest in the non-graspable nature of mind,

with the slogans “Notice this…” and “relaxing!” for sixteen rounds. Repeat these contemplations and meditations as needed. _/\_

Meditation and Philosophy livestream (from a geeky perspective) every 12 hours – – linktree in profile - #ruminate #contemplate #mantra

Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

In the Tibetan tradition Lamas are supported

not by monasteries but by students

as such the production of these livestreams,

blogs, and class materials is supported

by the generosity of viewers, and listeners, and readers

just like you.

Join our nightly livestream.

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