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Pure Land, Cultivation, and Enlightenment - 29sep22

“Dude,” exclaimed Robert, “so many Pure Land Buddhists have some fucked up motivation! They’re so focused on doing the least they can to attain a rebirth in Amitabha’s pure land they forget that Buddha taught that full enlightenment could be accomplished in less than seven years, even in as little as seven days. How could I quickly become a Buddha if chanting ‘Amitabha’ is my primary practice?”

“Easily,” assured Shifu, “Perform the following practice before you leave for work in the morning, and again in the evening, before dinner. Each practice could consist of three parts: meditation, contemplation, and sharing the good vibes.

Starting with MEDITATION, during each inhalation you could silently and mentally recite the rhetorical question, ‘How could I relax into the awareness of this?’ During EACH exhalation you could chant, ‘Na-mo A-mi-ta-bha Bud-dha!’ as you physically relax as best you can. After twenty minutes you could shift to contemplation.

Although you’ll chant during each exhalation, there are twenty inhaling contemplations you could play with. Specifically five contemplations adapted to each of the four bases of mindfulness: circumstance, body, relationships, and mind. Let’s take the first as an example.

FIRST ‘May the circumstantial stresses of all beings now be soothed…’,

SECOND ‘How could all circumstances be dependent?’,

THIRD ‘How could all circumstances change?’,

FOURTH ‘How could no circumstance be ME?’,

and FIFTH ‘How could ALL circumstances feel as non-graspable as a vast, empty void?’

Conclude your practice by chanting the 40th chapter of the Avatamsaka Sutra and your experience of love, peace, wisdom, and joy could multiply.”

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