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Problem Solving and Meditation 18mar23

If we are honest with ourselves, there are some problems which capture our imagination and the part of our brain that delights in puzzles; hooking us like a fish on a line. In that moment we might feel like a Sherlock Holmes or Lieutenant Colombo. But sometimes the steak’s sizzle is better than its taste and the solution alludes us.

Do you want to know the secret to, like Hercule Poirot, accessing even more of your little grey cells? The premise is simple: the genius of our subconscious mind could be likened to that of a cinematic super computer, whereas our conscious mind often stumbles about like the pirate Jack Sparrow, grasping a bit of chalk while gesticulating vainly before a black board.

Our brain already knows of our problems. The question remains, “How do we step out of our own way?” There is a way to dance with mindfulness and meditation that does just this. It is our tendency to be: rigid, fearful, and controlling that impedes our progress. So, choosing to be: flexible, loving, and laid-back we can dance with our autonomic nervous system. Silently reciting “Notice this…” during our inhalation is the essence of mindfulness. Mentally reciting “relaxing!” during our OUT breath is meditation in a nut-shell.

Forget chasing the solution, like a dog after a squirrel. Instead, like an audience member at theater sit back, enjoy the show, and in time the solution will come to you. _/\_

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