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Of Visions, Meaning, and Meditation - 23dec22

Our mind could be likened to a supercomputer, so vast and creative that parts of it sometimes communicate to other parts of it in metaphor and hyperbole. When, seated in meditation, we are treated to a reoccurring art-house-film care of our own cerebral cortex we could long to interpret; often feeling the burdensome imperative to ensure our interpretation is correct, and not merely capricious, or fanciful, or just plain wrong.

Rest assured, that the purpose of meditation is neither to ignore such visions nor fixate upon them. The ONLY way our meditation practice could benefit us is by likening it to a theater, where we are neither the writer, director, thespian, nor even critic but merely a voyeur, sitting in the audience, content to enjoy the performance with the utmost of passivity and unattachment.

But what if this message is important, and failing to heed it (no matter how opaque) leads to peril? If our meditation is so passive that we practice mindfulness with each inhalation and release during each exhalation then (as a fringe benefit) our choices, utterances, and deeds could be freed of the two toxic extremes of being controlling or scattered and instead flow from a place of centered spontaneity; a place that could be very well be informed by our brain’s most accurate interpretation of its own vision; be it advice, warning, inspiration, or simply entertainment.

Traverse this contemplative path of cultivating centered spontaneity and you too could be as intuitive as Qui Gon Jinn.

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