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Observation: Repression or Meditation 8mar23

Repressing our thoughts, memories, and feelings during meditation is never a good thing. It is easy to do. And we don’t even have to do it on purpose. Any form of repression is an indulgence or our rigid and controlling tendencies. Yes, sometimes we might choose to repress something because we plain don’t like it. Other times we can repress accidentally, in our sincere enthusiasm to merely do a good job. Labeling is an excellent example of that.

A deep examination of our labeling tendencies could reveal a more subtle facet of our need to control. But don’t worry, for during meditation we can subvert this insidious drive though the cunning act of limiting the labels we use to the pronoun “this.” That is why we use the slogans “Notice this…” and “relaxing!” when dancing with mindfulness and meditation.

Repression is all about rigidity. Its antidote is easy. Every exhalation accesses our parasympathetic nervous system which (in turn) is wired to physically relax and mentally release. By simply aligning our intention with our exhalation’s factory installed programing we too could side step the tendency to repress and instead meditate like a Jedi. _/\_

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