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Meditation, Reluctance, and Impatience - 7oct22

Meditating once every twelve hours could sound great, on paper, but sometime it could feel like an impossibility. There are some who posit that our most primal emotions (such as aversion and distain) began as our body’s way of telling our brain it’s time to flee.

It could therefore seem inadvisable to blithely ignore our feelings of reluctance to meditate. So do a reality check: are you in physical peril? Are you sleep, exercise, recreation, food, or water deprived? If you are, then tend to those needs.

But what if that is NOT the case? Does your body or mind find the particular method of meditation you’re playing with to be ineffective, burdensome, or in any way odious? Then find an alternative method.

However there are times when (seemingly out of the blue) we feel a visceral aversion to a method that has hitherto served us well. When that happens it could actually enhance our spiritual realizations.

As we sit in meditation and inhale (thanks to our sympathetic nervous system) we could effortlessly notice our visceral experience of utter aversion. As we exhale and involuntarily experience our parasympathetic nervous system’s gift of physical relaxation that self-same impatience and self-loathing could begin to feel as if it was as non-graspable as a vast, empty void (like the illusion of the infinite azure sky, on a bright and beautiful cloudless morn). In the height of irony our reluctance to practice could become the very rocket fuel that helps us to meditate like a Jedi.

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