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Meditation and Plateaus 10mar23

You may have many interests: school, work, fitness, or meditation. And the progress of whatever you do will be inconsistent; sometimes plummeting, other times ascending, and still other times plateauing.

As a species, we long for simple solutions. However physics and history teach us that there is seldom just one cause of anything remotely complex. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and if we attempt to placate our dissatisfaction by simply blaming a real or imagined aberrant psychological function we are ignoring the last fifty years of neuroscience.

With so many variables pertaining to: sleep, diet, sunshine, fresh air, exercise, recreation, vocation, affect, and the like; not to mention that which is revealed during meditation (and which requires healing attention) are at play. If we ignore these factors we are forsaking growth opportunities and therefore assuring only one thing: anther cycle of plateaus.

Effective meditation helps us relax into the middle place between the two extremes contrivance and scatteredness; thus allowing our choices, utterances and deeds to flow from a place of centered spontaneity. This is the path to the healing of the various causes of plateau.

Everything in our lives can serve to educate us, but the choice is ours. Will we ignore the lesson or benefit from it? In the words of Morpheus from The Matrix, “You take a chance either way, I leave it to you.” _/\_

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