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Meditation and Gilded Cages - 20jan23

Obsessive compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder could be torture. So it is utterly understandable that those who suffer from them would seek a break from their symptoms. Sometimes they are taught a false bill of goods, hearing that “mindfulness” could give them that respite. Sadly that type of (hitting-the-metaphoric) pause button is the opposite of mindfulness, and once they stand up from their meditation cushion the symptoms (repressed or ignored) come rushing back: hungry and almost punitive.

The Buddha taught mindfulness, NOT as an end-run-around painful phenomena but as PERCPTION of the present moment (be it glorious or be it grotesque); PERCEPTION – vulnerable, passive, visceral, and recklessly spontaneous.

Blend the silent and mental recitation of “Feeling this… relaxing!” in harmony with your inhalations and exhalations (respectively). Do this every 12 hours while striding briskly around your block, for twenty or forty minutes and you could make peace with this disorder and its symptoms.

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