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Love, Worthiness, and Belief

There is a myth: toxic and incorrect, that if one is truly spiritual, one will long not for the love of others; that if one were truly humble, or simply did not believe in a self, they would not operate under the illusion they deserved to be loved and selflessly as they love others. What a crock of shit!

All healthy mammals have evolved: longing to love and to be loved. The desire is fervent, as if our lives depended upon it, for it most certainly does. The anterior cingulate gyrate region of our neo cortex is literally wired for empathy, compassion, and cooperation. It is that which facilitates the metta contemplations that the Buddha referred to in the second fold, of his eight-fold path.

Let us not fall under the spell of patriarchy’s belief oriented metaphysics, thinking that we only crave what we’re certain we deserve. For the desire for a highly compatible partner is older than the earliest primates.

As we breathe in, let us access the sympathetic nervous system allowing us the sensory acuity to notice what it is we desire and need. And as we breathe out may our parasympathetic nervous system induce our bodies to relax and our mind to release, letting go even of its desire to be loved, even momentarily.

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