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Kindness, Takers, and Inner-guidance

Harry was not a door mat, or a boot scrape, or an ass wipe. He was a person, with thoughts, and dreams, and feelings and needs; but that was not how he was treated.

His readings had taught him to strengthen his loving intentions by contemplating how glorious it could be if all needs (of all beings) were met in the most wonderful way. His books also told him that wishing love was not enough: that he must choose to practice kindness, and to learn from his mistakes (that his kindness could grow more and more beneficial). But they did not warn him of the trolls.

The takers; the people (both kin and strangers) who take, and take, without a moment’s care for the needs (and vulnerabilities, and limitations) of others. Nor was Harry warned of personal limitations, and fatigue, and clinical exhaustion which could stoke the fires of rage: and cook what is left of empathy.

He must have a guardian angel, or Dakini, or some such thing, because Harry has returned to his books and now is reading of meditation; call it what you will (Dhyana, Sutra Mahamudra, or Dzogchen Trekcho). And now he’s learning that (when practiced correctly) these things could help one to avoid the two destructive extremes of contrivance and scatteredness (like demonic bookends, they are); and discover their middle ground. First – just as a visitor, but soon – as a resident that he might lovingly flow from centered spontaneity. That the path of love may evolve from a death march to a sustainable dance of delight.

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