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Doggy's Auspicious Rebirth

Everybody dies. Although rebirth (or reincarnation) is a popular notion not everyone agrees whether the Buddha mean it literally or figuratively.

But whether the object is literally our next life, or just our next: phase, decade, season, week, day, or hour; we all want ours to be auspicious (especially if we’re enthusiastic for the Pure Land school). And if we have any empathy at all, we’ll want that for others as well, especially our dear, devoted, kind, and derpy doggy. But how could we help Spot take an auspicious rebirth (whatever that could be)?

It is a cherished belief of many that sights and sounds could have a profound effect upon others’ karmic experience (if there is such a thing). Doggy’s auspicious rebirth doesn’t have to be difficult.

Find a large image of Amitabha Buddha in the colors that dogs can see easiest (THINK: yellows, greys, and blues). Post it above your dog’s food bowl (at his or her eye level). What is doggy’s favorite place to cuddle with you? That could be an ideal place to post another copy of this Buddha of Limitless Light.

Each time you feed doggie or cuddle doggie invoke A-mi-ta-bha using the melody that makes you feel the happiest (for our dogs could notice such things).

In no time at all your canine overlord could associate his or her favorite desires and emotions with the sight and sound of the Lord of the Western Pure Land. And, in the fullness of time the two of you could be reunited.

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