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C-PTSD, Contemplations, and Metaphors

My C-PTSD sucks! The ONLY beneficial thing about it (for me at least) is that allows me to treat my mind as a crash-test-dummy with which I evaluate which meditative techniques cut the mustard.

The Buddha was big on contemplating impermanence and our brains evolved to think symbolically, so the MOST effective contemplations tend to be figurative. Consider this set of four:

FIRST – Active visualization could be hard work, but by silently and mentally recite, “How lots melt…” as we inhale, and as we exhale silently and mentally recite, “into forms?” our subconscious does all the heavy lifting. “Lots” is a monosyllabic synonym for circumstances. MELTING serves as a metaphor of impermanence whose contemplation helps us to transcend our clinging. “Into” serves as a metaphor of interdependence; the consideration of which helps us to let go of our tendency to compare ourselves to others which only stresses us out.

SECOND – “How forms melt… into speech?” we’re using “speech” as a concise way of saying “communication” which infers the interpersonal.

THIRD – “How speech melts… into mind?

FOURTH – “How mind melts… into void?

FIFTH – Then you’re ready to rest the mind, “Notice this… relaxing!” Play with each exercise four times (every twelve hours) and by this time next week you could feel a little less shitty.

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