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Buddhist Dating

We are living in a golden age of dating. Gone is the need to rely on happenstance to cross your path with your life partner’s or to troll the latest, so called, happy hour. Now we can use a dating app.

Google is your friend. Search for an app in your price range, which is optimized for your goals, and friendly toward your hobbies or interests.

Setting-up one’s profile is an excellent opportunity to practice kind communication. Be honest about your interests… all of them. Be they: spiritual, vocational, recreational, political, intellectual, and sexual.

But what if doing so drives the multitudes away? Great! You don’t want to date EVERY eligible sentient being, you want to date the one what is right for you. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, only to entice another to give their heart to a phantasm who really isn’t there.

Your job is not to mold someone, but to figure out what you need (in a partner) to be happy, and what you could happily compromise over. Share your strengths, and weakness. Set space for the life and partner you want and then do the most difficult thing of all… let go.

Allow your dating life; its successes, failures, fears, and desires to weave its way through each inhalation’s mindfulness as you sit in meditation. And with each exhalation allow your body to relax and your mind to release.

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