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Break-up Turmoil and Meditation - 24feb23

Breaking up sucks! Interpersonally it is excruciating, not to mention the exhausting process of apartment hunting, packing, and moving. Can meditation take the edge off? Well, it depends on your working definition of meditation.

If you have confused concentration with meditation, and squander you time on your cushion forever shoving away thoughts, memories, imaginings, and emotions and clutching madly at your breath, then no, it’s not gonna be terribly helpful.

If you’ve been sold the bill of goods that meditation is all about drowning your pain and turmoil in a bathtub full of peace and bliss, then no, that’s only gonna make you feel frustrated.

But if you’ve been fortunate enough to have been taught how to marry mindfulness with inhalation and meditation with exhalation then it is conceivable that as you sit cross-legged upon a folded blanket it might be an altogether different situation. You may exercise the courage to vulnerably, passively, and viscerally notice whatever spontaneously emerges (boring or grotesque) from the bag of broken glass that has become your heart. Perhaps you’ll even use relaxation and release to make peace with the white water rapids that can sometimes describe affairs of the heart. _/\_

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