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Beginning Meditation - 4oct22

Beginning meditation could feel daunting, with so many people demanding we do things that our brains have not evolved to do (such as having no thoughts, or only have one).

Ask a neuro scientist; they’ll tell you that every healthy human (who wasn’t born a psychopath) possesses the neurological equipment for empathy. Although the Buddha was NOT Tony Robbins he did list eleven benefits to be had from practicing love meditation. So let’s start there (when you desire further instruction it’s easy enough to find me).

When it comes to meditation the Buddha taught is was more manageable to think of all experience in terms of four pieces: circumstance, body, relationships, and mind. Today we could work with the first.

As you inhale silently and mentally recite, “Great safety…” as you exhale silently and mentally recite “…now for some!” These words do NOT magically transform us into Doctor Strange but they will exercise our neural pathways responsible for empathy: making them more resilient and robust.

After the first four rounds of breath, replace the word “some” with “half.” Four rounds later replace that with “most” and after an additional four rounds, with “all.”

Your first taste of meditation could be short and sweet, only sixteen breaths long. But even in that period of time your mind could wander, for that is what all our minds have evolved to do. There is nothing to fear, for with every exhalation we are wired to physically relax and mentally release whatever we noticed during inhalation’s breath.

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