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Additional Advice for the Love Lorn

During meditation I recommend the Buddha’s four Metta meditations and sixteen Anapanasati contemplations. In between your meditation sessions there are several things you could do.

FIRST - remember that all healthy, complex lifeforms evolved to have a strong reproductive drive (this is NOT a spiritual failing).

SECOND - remember that all healthy mammals evolved to pair bond as urgently as if their lives depended upon it (for they do). Recall how in the "Noble Friendship Discourse" the Buddha taught that our relationships are of vital importance to our spiritual journey. We have NOT evolved to be hermits.

THIRD - cultivating supportive friendships could help you through this period.

FOURTH – incorporating the wish (that all beings enjoy healthy relationships) into your Metta meditation could help you to manifest the relationship you require.

FIFTH - loneliness could effect one's entire body even contributing to the systemic inflammation that could induce the symptom set of depression. So be sure to: eat a whole-food vegan diet , and get "restorative" quantities of sleep, fresh air, exercise, and recreation.

SIXTH - this could be a great time to set up a dating app profile. Remember, one of the benefits of meditation is that it strengthens our ability to side-step both extremes of being either controlling or scattered and instead could help our choices, utterances, and deeds better flow from centered spontaneity. This (in turn) could help you to craft a truly authentic dating profile.

You're about to take your next step into a much larger world. Have fun ;-)

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