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Why Traverse Enlightenment's Path? 17mar23

The great Buddhist teacher, Bodhidharma, cautioned that striving was suffering. What if the enlightenment the Buddha offered was simply the mastery of his eight-fold path? Perhaps that led to the metaphor, “Meditation is Enlightenment.” But once the semantics are all said and done the question remains, “Why Tread Enlightenment’s Path of ENTHUSIASTICALLY: contemplating love and letting-go, practicing kindness of communication, conduct, and commerce, as well as engaging in the dance of mindfulness and meditation?”

As with so many things, there are motivations ranging from the glorious to the grotesque. So let’s keep things simple: what is the best reason to walk the eight-fold path? Tibet’s greatest yogis agree: the highest love is spontaneous and uncontrived.

Having contemplated the Buddha’s four noble truths one could long that all beings everywhere be freed from the tyranny of their baser drives of shoving, reaching, competing, and clinging. This loving desire for universal liberation is what the Buddha described as “Right Aspiration.” Fueled by this longing (that some label as Bodhichitta) one could practice the eight-fold path vulnerably, passively, viscerally, and randomly. Until one finds that they have stepped into the mastery (of practicing this eight-fold path spontaneously, habitually, easily and effectively) as one, who at the end of a rainy winter’s day (cold and wet to the bone), might step, at last, into a delightfully warm shower. _/\_

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