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When Meditation Ceases to Delight

Sometimes it can be difficult to know, whether it is a particular contemplative system that is filling us with joy, or just the thrill of the new. We could practice with great skill and enthusiasm, every twelve hours, every day, every month until a great deal of time has passed. If our health is sound, our fortunes have not taken a down turn, and yet our meditation has become a dry and perfunctory punching of a time card then it could be time to remember something very important, very obvious, and often forgotten.

Man was NOT made for meditation, but meditation for man. How many contemplatives have forgotten that one does not practice a particular system for any reason other than receiving certain results. When your system fails to deliver (if ever it did in the first place) then it is time to receive additional teachings. If one’s teacher is unable or willing to meet the student’s ever changing needs then work with a new teacher, or new system. Isn’t that what Gautama did? Before the Buddha became the Buddha did he not have three false starts? If he had not had the intelligence to recognize the inadequacy of the results he was receiving, or the courage to do something about it, what would have become of him or us, for that matter? I dare say there wouldn’t be quite so many Buddha statues, if any. _/\_

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