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War Zone Meditation - 17oct22

My Ukrainian brothers and sisters, there are people whose job is to make your life as difficult as possible, if not murder you. Our brains have evolved to face such peril by literally going into survival mode where kill or be killed is the rule of the day. The terror and rage that supports this mentality, while uncomfortable, is NOT pathological. It would be odd if you did not feel this. The Buddha taught meditation NOT to undermine our ability to perceive the full spectrum of human emotions BUT rather to free our choices, utterances, and deeds from their tyranny.

Like Egon (in “Ghostbusters) there will be times when you are frightened (or enraged) beyond the point of rational thought. When that happens sit up, raise your dominant hand over your head and snap your fingers as you forcefully shout the syllable “Pey!” Then return your hands to your lap and rest in the meditation posture.

Each inhalation accesses our sympathetic nervous system that supports our ability to notice; making it an ideal time to silently and mentally recite “Notice this…”. Each exhalation accesses our parasympathetic nervous system that supports our physical relaxation and our mental release, so you could silently and mentally recite “relaxing!”

This will not repress your rage or terror. But it could help you to make peace with your horrible circumstance. For transcending our resistance to the present is why we meditate like a Jedi.

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