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The Folly of Hating Desire

Many years ago Trungpa Rinpoche warned against spiritual materialism for he was taught the path of radical non-duality. Not the subtle slicing of subject from object but the work of transcending the tyranny of our obscuring emotions of hate and greed.

Every complex lifeform on this planet is born with (what seems like) factory installed impulses. These are excellent if our goals are simply to live long enough to procreate. But (if like all healthy mammals) we hunger for fulfillment, peace, and joy then our survival oriented pushing, pulling, vying, and clinging will only undermine those desires.

Aversion could be insidious for even longing not to desire is a subtle form of hate, and yearning for peace is another form of craving. What are we to do?

What if the middle way was not paved with the labor of picking and choosing which emotions to feel? What if the Buddha’s middle way was simply noticing the present moment experience? And doing so vulnerably, passively, viscerally, and randomly? What if there was an easy way to do this by simply noticing during our inhalation (for that is when we access our sympathetic nervous system which supports such things)? And what if the ONLY label we ever needed was the preposition “this”?

What if with every exhalation we accessed the parasympathetic nervous system that supported our physical relaxation and mental release? With the help of inner therapist of our autonomic nervous system we could make peace with whatever comes, stays, or goes.

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