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Self-recrimination and Meditation 14mar23

In the 1970’s children were taught to treasure their self-esteem above all else. On the other hand the Buddha discussed the advantage of questioning whether or not we even have a self TO esteem. As we sit in meditation it is not uncommon for accusations of villainy and worthlessness to tumble across the stage of our mind. It is tempting to bat them away like a cat with a feisty kitten. But what if the self-recriminations are accurate. What if we are horrible, really should die, and (in fact) were the second gun man on the grassy knoll?

What if it was not our job to ascertain the voracity of our self-accusations, defend ourselves against them, or mete out self-punishment: cruel and appropriate? I suggest to you, that as meditators we have only three primary tasks:

FIRST – to maintain vulnerability to what ever comes up during each inhalation (the mindfulness phase of breath) as we mentally recite “Notice this…”.

SECOND – to physically relax and mentally release during each exhalation (the meditation phase of breath) as we mentally recite “relaxing!”

THIRD – to allow our choices, utterances, and deeds to flow from the place of centered spontaneity that is strengthened by effective mindfulness and meditation. Whether we call this “walking in the spirit,” “listening to the whispers of the Dharmakaya,” or “dancing with the dakinis,” it is the single trait shared by every great contemplative. _/\_

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