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Second Guessing our Apologies - 13oct22

“Doing the right thing, for the wrong reason, is NO longer the right thing.” or something like that. But such malarkey (masquerading as wisdom) benefits no one, save the hack who spews and sells it. If we sit on our asses, waiting for our heart to belch forth the perfect emotion, at the perfect time, for the perfect reason, we’ll be in for a very long wait.

The path of yang or (the Buddha’s wicked cousin Devadatta) is replete with second guessing and navel gazing as a substitute for spiritual progress. How is one to slice through this Gordian knot of unproductive speculation? Upon the path of yin (or Gautama) our mindfulness is NOT rigid concentration BUT awareness: vulnerable, passive, visceral, and random. But what’s to keep our spontaneity from going off the rails and getting lost in the weeds of scatteredness?

Whether you call it Zen, Ch’an, Dhyana, Mahasandhi, Sutra Mahamudra, Ati-yoga, Slice-through, or Dzogchen Trekcho; when meditation is practiced correctly it gives birth to a centered spontaneity. If you feel that you act or utterance might have been experienced as hurtful and cruel, you could vulnerably confide in the potentially injured party: telling them of your concern, reassuring them or your intent, and sincerely inquiring how they feel.

Let us set aside the pride and fear of our defensiveness, remembering that there is no such thing as misunderstanding, only miscommunication. Take full responsibility for their perceptions and their feelings, and (if they’re butt-hurt) apologize; that you too could meditate like a Jedi.

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