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Panic Attacks, Autonomic Reset, and Mindfulness

Meditation is great, but it’s NOT a panacea. If you sincerely feel that panic attacks are making your life unmanageable then google “PCRM – find a doctor” and find an MD who practices psychiatry in light of the latest studies correlating diet and anxiety. In the mean time, these contemplations might help.

In an earlier post I explored walking meditation for anxiety. Today, let’s explore seated meditation. We could blend the “Four Marks of Reality” with Compassion, using the following contemplations:

FIRST – “How could fearfeel stressful?” SECOND – “All beings’ fearmay I soothe!” THIRD – “How could fearNEVER last?” and FOURTH – “How could fearNOT be me?” You could even add an autonomic reset by gazing to the left during each inhalation’s slogan, and gazing to the right during each exhalation’s slogan.

Good news: after the completion of the fourth round of the fourth set of slogans you could rest in the NON-graspable nature of mind with the slogans, “Seeing thisrelaxing!” After the sixteenth round of this you could call it quits. However if your anxiety is still barking at you like an enraged Chihuahua you could repeat the above contemplations and meditations for a second-go-round or even a third.

Listen to your body, practice thusly every twelve hours or so, and you too could meditate like a Jedi. _/\_

Meditation and philosophy every twelve hours (from a geeky perspective) – – linktree in profile - #anxiety #autonomicreset #meditation

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