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Metaphors, Confusion, and Meditation - 6jan23

It is a dark irony that the metaphors created by good hearted teachers, with the intention of benefitting their befuddled students have been misunderstood by so many and (as such) have done more harm than good. Over numerous decades it has been my experience that when encountering an opaque teaching one must first explore the possibility that it is more figurative than literal, reverse engineer it from metaphor to simile, and then dig even deeper.

What if the Buddha had no use for metaphysical diatribes? Then when something SOUNDED spooky we could ask ourselves “What could be the intention driving this metaphor: practical and trenchant?

Our minds have many functions. They emote, intend, reason, recall, and imagine; as well as perceive all that, in addition to our sensations, flavors, scents, sounds, sights, and the like. When we perceive the recollection of a disturbing memory during the mindfulness phase of our inhalation, it could be safe (and even productive) to experience it with the utmost of vulnerability as long as we remember that during the meditation phase of our exhalation we are wired to physically relax and mentally release that we might better let go as if we were NOT that memory or the emotions it elicited. This is the key to meditating like a Jedi.

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