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Meditation for Negative Thoughts 11mar23

If, after confiding negative thoughts to your psychologist their only advice is to transform your negativity to positivity; then fire them. Google “PCRM – find a Doctor”, that you might find an MD, who practices psychiatry informed by the latest research exploring the intersectionality of anxiety and diet.

What follows is a contemplative strategy to play with while waiting for your first appointment. The last time I wrote of this subject I offered a take on the autonomic reset. Today’s practice is inspired by Soto Zen. This approach consists of two contemplations and one meditation.

As you sit cross legged, during your FIRST inhalation mentally recite “Sit quite straight…” and during your FIRST exhalation mentally recite “relaxing!” During your second round of breaths contemplate “Breathe quite deep…” and “relaxing!”

Now you’re ready for the dance of mindfulness and meditation. Until further notice mentally recite, “Notice this…” and “relaxing!” in harmony with your breathing.

Just as a sleeping kitty will eventually stretch, yawn, and rouse itself; likewise your negative imaginings will assert themselves. When they do, practice one round each of the two contemplations before returning to the dance of mindfulness and Meditation until the next negative imagining resurfaces.

Practice thusly for five minutes every twelve hours or so. Each week you could lengthen the duration of each session by an additional five minutes, and by the end of the thirteenth week you too could meditate like a Jedi. _/\_

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