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Meditation, Contemplation, and Self-hypnosis 28mar23

Meditation is not contemplation which (in turn) is not self-hypnosis. There are some who are utterly convinced that they can believe themselves to Nirvana, no less happiness. But what they do not know is that the mental and emotional rigidity latent in belief is antithetical to the peace, joy, and centered spontaneity associated with enlightenment.

However, if one is intent to install a belief, such as “Consciousness is the ONLY reality” in the hopes that it will give them greater peace and control then they require two ingredients: FIRST suggestive wordplay and SECOND a powerful mantra.

Few things are as hypnotic as a well-worded rhetorical question such as, “How COULD consciousness be the only reality?” One could recite it silently and mentally while inhaling and then one could chant a powerful mantra while exhaling. Doing so upon rising every morning, and just before bed every evening could install such a belief in a month or so.

But if you desire freedom and flexibility even more than yet another belief I would recommend: (1) Maha-yoga’s contemplation of love and letting go to free you from hate, (2) Ati-yoga’s meditation of awareness and letting-go to free you from clinging and (3) Anu-yoga’s bliss and letting-go to free you from craving (which is half contemplation and half meditation) You might find that the paths of manifesting and meditation lead to different destinations. _/\_

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