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Fear and Meditation - 19dec22

Fear saved our ancestor’s lives many times over. But in our world (safe and sanitized) it often does more harm than good. After a lifetime squandered fleeing our fears of perils (accurate or distorted) we could have a moment of clarity: weary of our running and perhaps no longer certain of that from which have fled. What would the Buddha advise?

Terrors could be like splinters. It is often far more harmful to dig after them with needle, tweezers, or blade than to simply allow them to fester, as if finding their own way out of the dermis that has become their prison. Enter: passive meditation.

Sit properly for five minutes, every twelve hours; and increase the duration of your meditation an additional five minutes every week. By silently reciting “Feeling this…” with each IN-breath we could access our mindfulness (vulnerable, passive, visceral, and random). Thus we are setting space for our long forgotten anxieties to surface in their own time, like whales breaching the surface of the Pacific.

Dispel any notions of arguing or reasoning with our worries for our parasympathetic nervous system has a more effective antidote. Evolutionary biology has already wired us to physically relax and mentally release in harmony with each OUT-breath. Simply align your will with your factory-installed wiring, go with the flow, and you too could meditate like a Jedi.

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