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Bickering, Bamboo, and Meditation - 19jan23

What could arguments and bamboo have in common? In “Pointing out Instructions for an Old Lady” Karma Chakme Rinpoche taught that once we slice open a bit of bamboo and discover its hollowness we then understand the nature of all bamboo, and no longer need to prance about the country side dissecting all bamboo we encounter.

Similarly once we understand the spiritual perspective on arguing we have something that could be applied universally to every disagreement. In the sixty-fifth quatrain of Dza Patrul Rinpoche’s “The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones” we learn of the folly of striving to do anything, no less change another’s mind against their will.

The correct practice of marrying mindfulness to our inhalation and meditation to our exhalation will train our mind not only to cultivate the mid-point between the two toxic extremes of being controlling or scattered but it could also empower our choices, utterances, and deeds to flow from that place of centered spontaneity. Meditate like a Jedi, once every twelve hours, and you’ll be quipped to dance gracefully past your next argument.

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