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The Wolf, the Lamb, and the Troll

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

In ancient Greece

Aesop told the tale

of a wolf determined

to devour a lamb.

More clever

than he was swift

the predator dropped

the prey’s defenses

through the cunning use

of railing accusations.

The lamb

was so captivated

by the task

of defending herself

against the wolf’s


that she forgot

to protect herself

from his fangs.

Here too

on Instagram

trolls prowl

who too are happy

to distract us

with outlandish accusations

that are irrational, illogical,

numerous, and contradictory;

all the while

they devour

NOT our flesh

BUT instead our:

time, and energy,

and peace.

May we practice

the wisdom,

that recognizes

the pattern of their ploys,


lets them go,

and serenely

walks away.

Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

The production of these webinars, and videos, and livestreams,

and podcasts, and blogs, and class materials is supported

by the generosity of viewers, and listeners, and readers

just like you.

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