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The Neurology of Scarcity


let us explore

the neurology

of scarcity.

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is Lama: Jigme Gyatso

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welcome to

Meditate Like a Jedi!

Our midbrains are wired

to give and receive

without expectation

of reciprocity.

Our brainstems,


are wired

for competition,

and greed…

and do everything

from agenda,

and guilt

and fear.

Most societies,

especially our own,

are predicated upon the myth

of scarcity

thus driving each of us

further, down,

into our brainstems,

the way a tent peg

is hammered into the earth,

thus making it unlikely

that we can receive a gift

without feeling beholden

unto the giver

as if we owed them something

in return.

For in our country

where there are ten vacant houses

for every homeless person

it could become clear

that the myth of scarcity

is a lie perpetrated by those with power

to manipulate those withOUT power

to participate in,

no less accept,

their own subjugation.

Doctor King,

and Buckminster Fuller,

and Gene Roddenberry,

and Jacque Fresco,

and numerous other luminaries

have suggested

that when humanity takes its next

evolutionary steps

from brainstem to midbrain

and from fear to love

and from competition to cooperation,

and from cruelty to compassion

we will embrace

the post scarcity society

explained by Peter Joseph

in his book

“The New Human Rights Movement.”

Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

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