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Self-esteem and Meditation - 21dec22

Enduring low self-esteem could sometimes feel like there is a small goblin nesting in our skull. Clever: he has access to all our secrets, desires, and dreads. Cruel: he deploys them, at just the right time, and in the precise amount, to do the most harm.

Although some contemplations and meditations (useful and sublime) could be a helpful adjunct to psychiatric care they are no substitute. If you feel the need for professional help avail yourself of PCRM’s free service to find a vegan psychiatrist, who could enthusiastically track down the physiological triggers as well as address the psychological symptoms of your plight.

The passive meditation of blending mindfulness with our inhalation and meditation’s release with our exhalation could be very much like an artist’s canvas; setting space for symptoms and their various triggers to safely and fleetingly arise, rather than like a whack-a-moll game at Chuck E. Cheese. Having reared their heads they could be addressed by using the contemplations of the three circles or those of non-duality, both of which are inferred by the Heart Sutra.

The aim of our practice is NOT to annihilate all our symptoms and triggers but rather to dance with them skillfully, that though they remain their effect could far less traumatic; for did the Buddha not teach that our hatred for our sufferings serves only to intensify them?

Every twelve hours meditate and contemplate for five minutes. Each week increase the duration of your practice by an additional five minutes, and within four months you could meditate like a Jedi.

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