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Searching for a Worthy Teacher - 22oct21

She confided

that she did not really want to meditate,

but that she still wanted to feel terribly righteous

about not meditating.

So she pretended that she,

like Padawan: Cal Kestis,

was searching vainly

for one good meditation teacher.

She worked hard to convince herself

that all were unworthy,

and she also worked rather hard

to convince herself that she was disappointed

by the absence of a worthy teacher.

What is the test of a teacher?

Only this:

how effective are his or her teachings

when you apply them every morning and every evening

for seven consecutive days?

Anything else is but a self-righteous diversion.

Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

In the Tibetan tradition Lamas are supported

not by monasteries but by students

as such the production of these livestreams,

blogs, and class materials is supported

by the generosity of viewers, and listeners, and readers

just like you.

Join our nightly livestream.

Download FREE practice materials.

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