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Our Karmic Filter

In Star Trek, the original series,

they would often place a clear filter

over the lens

and smear it with Vaseline

to create an optical effect

with sexist overtones.

Likewise our karmic influences

can serve as the filter

through which we perceive

the world around us.

Consider this mason jar

of lemon water:

through the eyes of rage

this is lava,

through the eyes of greed

this is urine,

through the eyes of confusion

this is full of micro predators

come to eat us

from the inside out,

though the eyes of pride

this is ambrosia,

through the eyes of jealousy

this is pure power

but through the balanced eyes

of love and letting go

this is simply lemon water;

cool and delicious.

Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

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