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"NOT a Panacea BUT a Tool"

“Will the practice of NO-fap grant me every success?” he asked. Neither success, nor failure, nor even stress is the problem. Ask an evolutionary biologist and they’ll explain to you that we evolved to perceive and react to stressors: be they circumstantial, physical, social, or mental. No, the problem is not stress, but our tendency to exacerbate our stress. And how do we do that? By indulging our controlling tendencies. The same controlling tendencies that induce us to resist the presence of that which we feel is dreadful, and that force use to resist the absence of that which we feel is desirous such as success, and wealth, and sex, and love. Is there anything inherently wrong with those things? No, not at all, nor is the passive receiving of them. However, it is the active seeking of success, and wealth, and pleasure that tear our dopamine-oriented reward system out of wack and exacerbate our stress; reminiscent of the stress Darth Vader endured in “Revenge of the Sith” as he burned on Mustafar. If NO-fap is just another tool we use in the hope of bending reality to our will, it too will compound our stress. But if one uses the abstinence of pornography, masturbation, and auto-orgasm as a tool to tame the ever-increasing demands of our dopamine-oriented reward system, to stop chasing life’s pleasures and instead to assist in the efforts to center our mind and support our journey upon the path of peace then yes, NO-fap could be quite helpful indeed.

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