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Master Windu's Glare

The Tao Te Ching

is the world’s

most read book

second only to the Bible.

In it we read

of a division in two

or a dichotomy…

referred to,

in the original tongue,

as yang and yin,

male and female.

Or, to put a finer point upon it,

toxic masculinity

and healing femininity.

Although we could observe

that NOT all masculinity is toxic

NOR all femininity healing.

In this age

of neuroscience

we could think of it

this way…

when we are working

with focused,

foveal vision…

our pupils constrict

and we access

our sympathetic

nervous system…

and it’s fear

and it’s aggression,

and its desire to dominate…


of Master Windu’s

red hot glare…

on full display

when conversing

with Anakin.

When we are working

with our peripheral vision

and our pupils are wide…

we are accessing

our parasympathetic

nervous system…

with its peace,

and creativity,

and resourcefulness…

and readiness

to go

with the flow.

Just as the pupil constricts

in foveal vision…

the majority

of so-called spiritual folk

upon the path of uptightness…

in their rigidity, and anxiety,

and aggression

have NO use…

for folks traversing

the path of expansion,

and towards them

are vehemently opposed.

In the Christian

New Testament

we read…

“…the light shone

in the darkness

and the darkness

comprehended it NOT.”

Another Jew,

many centuries later,

by the name of

Albert Einstein taught…

Great spirits

have always encountered

violent opposition

from lesser minds.”

That is probably why,

in the myth of the Buddha

we see that it was only after…

he left his father’s court,

and after he left

organized religion…

only then,

on his own,

that he found


And likewise in Tibet

we find that yes,

there are many monks…

shorn of head

and opulent in silks…

but we also find a minority

of wild mountain yogis

long of hair and beard…

who practice

listening to the whispers

of the Dharmakaya…

which we could think of

as the Buddhist version

of the holy spirit…

and thus

NOT heeding

the edicts

of dogma.

The latter is the path

that the Buddha traversed.

And the most ancient of statues

depict him

with long hair

tied in a top knot…

and long beard twisted

and tucked under his chin

like a stereotypical

Sikh warrior.

The Buddha forsook

the path of constriction…

and practiced,

and mastered,

and taught

the path of expansion.

Like centered and spontaneous

Qui Gon Jinn

who explained

to his stressed Padawan…

I counsel patience,

the solution

will present itself.”

That is why we practice

both contemplation and compassion,

that we, like he

might meditate like a Jedi.

Let us conclude

with a simple

call to action

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